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Amazing Matching Gift Opportunity!

Today, you are invited to be a hero to a child being raised by a grandparent, relative or family friend! Those caregivers step in to keep a child with family and out of foster care but quickly face unexpected challenges. You can help provide services to support the children’s safety, health and wellbeing. For a limited time, Pisgah Investments Foundation will match your $300 gift to sponsor a child.

When a child’s life falls apart, you can help put it back together.

Brianna’s kindergarten teacher knew her bruises weren’t from a fall on the playground. Fortunately, her grandmother stepped in before Brianna and her little brother had to be taken into state custody and placed in foster care.


At their grandmother’s house, the pair could stay together. They’d be in a familiar place surrounded by people who know and love them. 



Brianna’s grandmother stepped up right away because she didn’t want her babies in foster care. But she is retired and lives on a small, fixed income. Keeping them safe is her life’s purpose now but providing for their needs is a struggle. She didn’t expect to be parenting again.

When children are placed with a relative before they are taken into protective custody, they do not receive the same type of support as those in foster care.

That’s where YOU come in.

By sponsoring a child, you fill that gap by providing caregivers with information, education, referrals to specialists, and eligibility requirements for benefits. Children receive the services they need to live happy, successful lives with family. Your sponsorship sustains a one-stop shop with information about education, family support services, financial assistance, mental health treatment, child support, housing assistance, child care, legal assistance, medical and dental services, and more.

With your help, children like Brianna and her brother will have what they need to thrive!

COVID Resources

HALOS helps children escape the cycle of poverty through links to financial assistance for food and health care. Kinship caregivers tend to be poorer, older, and less educated than traditional parents.


Some children can’t be enrolled in school or even receive medical treatment because their caregivers don’t have legal custody. HALOS connects families to the legal help they need.


Children may be scared when they’re taken from their homes. Caregivers often have difficulty coping with daunting new responsibilities. HALOS stops these problems from becoming a crisis through referrals to mental health and behavioral providers.

You can sponsor all these services and more for a child with a gift of $300 today. With a generous match of $30,000 from Pisgah Investments Foundation, your gift of up to $300 will be doubled. Together, we can sponsor 200 children! Because Family Matters.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Jennifer Richard at or 843-693-2044. Checks may be mailed to HALOS 4995 Lacross Rd. Suite 1300 North Charleston, SC 29406. Donations of stock, IRA distributions or donor advised funds are all accepted. 

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